Introducing our revolutionary surveillance system, TripWire, consisting of two rectangular units: the “Emitter” and the “Receiver.” The Emitter unit is equipped with three laser diodes, offering green, red, or infrared options, alongside a powerful PIR sensor with a range of up to 50 meters on each face. Similarly, the Receiver unit boasts three photocell diodes and a high-sensitivity PIR sensor on each face.

Versatility is at the core of TripWire, as each component can be configured in various ways to minimize false positives, ensuring accurate detection. By default, the system is set to trigger an alert only when two or more laser emissions are interrupted. The end user can conveniently receive alerts through their preferred communication method.

To further enhance convenience, TripWire includes a license for our cloud management dashboard. Alternatively, users have the option to procure their own on-premise device for self-hosting in their preferred environment. Experience the power of TripWire, empowering you with precise surveillance and enhanced security for a wide range of applications.

Purpose-built to withstand the most demanding environments, ensuring reliable surveillance even in harsh conditions. Designed for ruggedness and resilience, each TripWire device is equipped with water cooling technology, enabling optimal performance in extreme temperatures. Its robust construction and durable components make it ideal for challenging outdoor settings.

For seamless connectivity, TripWire features both GSM and WiFi compatibility, offering agnostic operation and enabling reliable communication in remote or challenging areas. The device incorporates advanced GPS technology, allowing for precise location tracking in any situation.

Powered by three high-capacity lithium 18650 batteries, TripWire ensures long-lasting operation, providing extended uptime for continuous monitoring. The device also includes a solar cell, enabling self-sustainability and reducing dependence on external power sources, making it suitable for off-grid deployments.

In addition to their versatile power options, TripWire devices can be conveniently powered using a 24V direct burial cable, specifically a 12-gauge, 2-wire configuration.